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Protective Covers for Wood Frame Waterbed Mattresses

Features and Benefits of Protective Covers-

If you haven't visited a brick and mortar waterbed showroom (and unfortunately how many of those remain, yikes!) in the last few years, you may not know what covers are about.  Covers are probably one of the most overlooked and important accessories for a wood frame waterbed.  No matter what type of mattress it surrounds, once one has spent just one night sleeping on a mattress with a cover, it becomes a "must have" accessory.  Covers add to the firmness, support, efficiency and convenience of the waterbed.  Due to heat loss prevention, they are one of the few items that can be considered a great investment for your bed.  The decreased heater energy usage more than pays for your cover investment.

We found this to be the case in our showroom.  Whether shopping for a new replacement mattress or a new waterbed, more than 75% of our customers invested in a cover with their mattress or bed because they had the opportunity to lay down on one.  It is one of the products that we often received phone calls about with "rave reviews" after the sale. Many of our customers that were shopping for an innerspring drop in replacement mattress were ecstatic that a "high end" waveless mattress and "high end" pillowtop cover solved their comfort problem and still saved them a ton of money.

In our neck of the woods, power outages are fairly common in the winter months; sometimes lasting for a few days to a week.  Our cover customers were able to comfortably continue to sleep on their waterbeds.  They weren't as warm as usual but they weren't cold either.  Some folks refer to them as Pj's for their mattress.  Covers make it easier to get in and out of bed and easier to change your linens.

You might notice that none of the covers that we offer have the built in liners or six sided safety liners as they are sometimes called.  There are a couple of good reasons for this:

  1. It sounds like a great concept but it doesn't work.  In the rare event of a leak the water oozes through the zipper anyway and is caught by your stand up liner.
  2. The covers with built in liners also cost more.  We try to save you money but not by cutting the wrong corners!

We recommend that you continue to use your mattress pad over the cover because it is easy to launder.  We don't recommend laundering a cover, even if it zips off; they are rarely the same again.  Spot cleaning is usually sufficient if you act quickly.

Ivory Cover
Regular Price: $699.95 to $699.95
SALE PRICE: $479.95 to $499.95
Ivory Pillowtop Cover
Regular Price: $799.95 to $799.95
SALE PRICE: $579.95 to $599.95
Lily Cover
Regular Price: $599.95 to $579.95
SALE PRICE: $379.95 to $399.95

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