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Quantum and Touch Temp Digital Solid State Waterbed Heaters

Awesome Waterbeds features two types of solid state energy saving heaters for wood frame water beds.

The old style bulb and capillary (B/C) heater named for the copper capillary tube that senses the temperature under the water mattress has recently been phased out of production. The following discussion is for historical information only.  They were also sometimes referred to as a mechanical heater because it had mechanical points inside the temperature controller to open and close the circuit.  Similar to the "points" on older model cars, the "points" wore over time and instead of being accurate to the + or - 2 1/2 degrees when new standard, your waterbed was over heated and under heated.  They used more energy and caused the occupants to sometimes feel cold and hot in the same evening.  The light on the controller was either on (heating) or off (cooling).  B/C heaters generally had only a four year limited warranty.

The more modern type of heater is the solid state energy saver.  All line cords come out of the back of the temperature controller and the temperature sensor under the mattress is a thermistor (electronic temperature sensor).  Solid state heaters are accurate to + or - 1/8 of a degree when new and remain that same accuracy throughout their lifetime.  Another energy saving quality of solid state heaters is that they back off to 1/2 wattage when in the lower 1/8 degree envelope-like a trickle charge battery.  The light on the easy to read Quantum controller is either off, dim or bright.

We also feature Touch Temp digital readout solid state heaters.  Your waterbed temperature is always shown on the controller dial and it is easier to set a precise temperature.  Our solid state heaters all have a five year limited warranty.

Quantum Hardside Solid State Heater
was $109.95, now $78.95
Quantum Softside Low Watt Heater
was $109.95, now $78.95
Touch Temp Digital Hardside Solid State Heater
was $159.95, now $138.95
Touch Temp Digital Softside Low Watt Heater
was $159.95, now $138.95

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