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Waterbed Chemicals and Accessories at Awesome Waterbeds

We have made every effort to stock all of the chemicals and accessories that you may need for your waterbed.  If there is a specific accessory that you have been searching for and cannot find, please call us at 1-888-288-4523 or send us an email and one of our sales associates would be happy to research your request.

An honest word about "free freight" and waterbed chemicals.  We all should realize that there is really no such thing as free freight; it is built into the product price.  Many times the cost of the freight is almost equal to or more than the cost of the product!  Because of this fact and that many customers prefer to order just one of something, prices have to be abnormally high to cover the cost.  If you are interested in ordering a bunch of products or higher quantities of the same item at the same time, we would be more than willing to work with you on the prices for our mutual benefit.  Fair is fair!  Simply email or call us for a quote.

If you join our email list, we would be happy to send you an email reminder when it is time to add another bottle of water bed conditioner to your bed.  Hint:  if you add conditioner to your waterbed mattress every six months (we suggest this procedure even if you are only adding half of a larger bottle) establish New Year's Day and the 4th of July as holiday reminders.

Free Freight on all Waterbed Chemicals-Limited Time Offer!

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16 oz Bottle Super Shock
Price: $39.95
2-Vinyl Repair Kits
Price: $14.95
3 Bottles of 4 oz Conditioner
Price: $24.95
3 Bottles of 8 oz Multi-Purpose Fiber Conditioner
Price: $32.95
4 oz Bottle Conditioner
Price: $8.95
4 oz Bottle Multi-Purpose Conditioner
Price: $9.95
5 Bottles of 4 oz Conditioner
Price: $34.95
5 Bottles of 8 oz Multi-Purpose Fiber Conditioner
Price: $44.95
8 oz Bottle Bubble Stop
Price: $14.95
8 oz Bottle Multi-Purpose Fiber Conditioner
Price: $13.95
8 oz Bottle Vinyl Protectant & Cleaner
Price: $14.95
Air Extractor
Price: $16.95
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