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Wood Frame Waterbed FAQ's

What are the outside dimensions of a wood frame waterbed?

  • All sizes have a length of 7' 11".

  • Widths are King 6' 3", Queen 5' 3" and Super Single 4' 3". 

  • If you really want to precisely "split hairs", the headboard tops typically extend an extra 1 1/2" for decorative purposes on both sides so add 3".  This is rarely of concern because it is at the very top of the headboard but in some cases it may be critically important.

 What are the inside dimensions of a wood frame waterbed?

  • King 6' x 7'

  • Queen 5' x 7'

  • Super Single 4' x 7'

Why aren't all sizes available in every headboard style?

  • All wood frame waterbed headboards are typically available in both King and Queen sizes.  Many of the larger headboards are not available in the Super Single size because the extra foot in width is usually made up for in the center section which may or may not have a mirror depending upon the style.

  • Most of the larger headboards would not end up being esthetically pleasing with two feet removed from the center section and there may no longer be enough room for any mirror.

Why doesn't Awesome Waterbeds include a mattress package with their wood frame waterbeds?

  • Many customers already have a mattress package and only want to replace their current wood frame waterbed.

  • Rarely does FREE really mean free.  It is simply "built into" the price.

  • We believe that our customers should easily have the option to be able to choose the mattress system of their choice from several manufacturers and their different models and not be forced to accept only what the retailer offers in their "promotional package."

  • For more information on how to intelligently purchase a waterbed mattress system follow this link.

 Why does Awesome Waterbeds include a deck or platform with their beds?  Some stores don't.

  • We do this for several reasons and consider it to be a great customer benefit.

  • By including a deck in our packages, we know that our factory made deck is going to fit precisely and not cause unnecessary issues in the future.

  • The cost savings that other stores mention are not that real if bundled into a freight package like we do.

  • Other stores are making the assumption that your time has no value.  Is this true?

  • Our customers usually do not have the time, tools, truck and inclination to participate in such a "do it yourself" project as making their own deck.  Although it sounds easy on paper, it still creates a hassle and we believe in being hassle-free for our customers.

  • Most wood frame waterbed purchases have to be shipped by common carrier not UPS so we are dealing in freight minimums anyway and weight rarely effects the freight cost that much, if at all.

What are the advantages of a wood frame waterbed over a softside waterbed?

  • A wood frame waterbed is furniture in it's own right.  It's not just a mattress.

  • From a "pure sleep" point of view, water mattresses in a wood frame have absolutely no tension on the top sleeping surface even with the use of a protective cover system.  Because the ticking (outside cover) surrounds the foam rails that encase and stabilize the softside water mattress in a softside bed, when one lays on the surface there is a tensioning or hammocking effect.  This is not necessarily bad but there is the tension preventing "pure" flotation that does not exist in a wood frame waterbed.

  • Typically, the water mattress depth of a hardside is deeper than a softside so there is more flotation.

What are the advantages of a softside waterbed over a wood frame waterbed?

  • Softsides are conventionally sized so fit in better with existing furniture and can use conventional bedding.

  • One type of softside, the tube bed, is more easily repositioned in a bedroom because the tubes can be removed and stacked on the floor without draining and then replaced in the bed after repositioning.

  • Softsides are lighter in gross weight than a wood frame waterbed, however any floor built to normal building codes will more than adequately support both types of waterbeds.

  • Softsides are more energy efficient than a wood frame unless the wood frame bed utilizes a protective cover system.  This is because the mattress is always covered with a thermal barrier namely the ticking or protective cover.

Why do you recommend that I invest in under bed drawers?

  • The space under your bed doesn't take up any room area so why not use it for storage.  We never seem to have enough storage for our clothing especially if we live in an area where there is great seasonal temperature changes.  Where do we store winter clothes in the summer and vice versa?

  • Drawers are a way to change the height of your waterbed to make it more convenient for you to get in and out of bed since they are available in 9", 13" and 18" heights.

  • Drawers improve the esthetic appeal of your bedroom.

  • Drawers typically cost less than comparable furniture pieces.

  • Drawers can be used under almost any style bed including softsides and conventional mattress systems.

What is the scoop on canopy waterbeds?

  • A canopy waterbed consists of two separate units; the mirrored canopy and a wood frame waterbed.

  • You may purchase the canopy separately or with most of the wood frame waterbeds that we offer even the shorter headboards if you "boost" the height with drawers.

  • If you would like to purchase both the canopy and a waterbed together and prefer a waterbed other than the Lexington Floral which we offer as a package, call 888-288-4523 for a package quote.

  • The canopy unit, available in King and Queen sizes only, is "built" around the waterbed.  This means that if you already have a wood frame waterbed that you want to keep, all you need to add is a canopy unit.  There is, however, a 56" from floor to top of headboard minimum height requirement for your existing  or a new waterbed. 

  • The reason for the minimum height is your bed must be high enough to reach the backer board of the canopy or there will be an uncovered air space.  Shorter headboards may work all right if your bed is on a tall drawer pedestal.  Please call for advice if you have any questions.

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