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About Us

A Little History
Awesome Waterbeds is a subsidiary of Awesome Sleep, Inc. headquartered at 2087 State Route 48 in Fulton, NY since 2005. It was formed as an e-commerce arm of the 29 year old specialty sleep showroom, Master Bedroom Sleep Center in Fulton, NY. This business history has lead to solid relationships with the pillars of the waterbed industry as well as established a “hands on” history of the development of the waterbed in general and of the products in particular. There are very few people and/or companies in the world with this depth of knowledge and experience.

Our Goals
We admit that our main goal, like everyone else in ecommerce, is to sell lots of product at a small profit so that we can feed our families and maybe someday relax and retire like everyone else. It is how one goes about this selling process that creates the differences between companies. At Awesome Waterbeds, with the choice of sleeping on anything that we want, we all have slept on waterbeds for over 30 years, and we still know and believe that with the right combination of component products, a waterbed is the best sleep surface available at any price. Therefore, our main goal is getting you the best possible night’s sleep at the least expensive prices.

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It's all very confusing. Just look for our Price Match Link on Every Product on our site, and if you see a price that looks lower, including discounts, shipping costs, and so forth, let us know and we'll match or beat it if we can!

Our Low Price Policy is as follows. We purchase large volumes of merchandise, and we receive special discounts from many of our vendors and shippers. This lets us offer low prices on all of our products, while still providing excellent customer service, with a toll free number, which is not found on many of our competitor’s sites.

Our prices are usually as low or lower than anyone else, but, if you see a lower price on an in stock exact item that we carry with the same terms and conditions, we'll match or beat the price as long as we don't lose money.

Just E-mail us at with the name or part number of the item, and the manufacturers name, along with the web site address, and we'll confirm the information and get back with you as soon as possible. Of course, this doesn't apply to scratch and dents, out of stock items, discontinued items, close outs, or one of a kind offers. We must be able to buy the exact item, at the same price at the same time, as advertised on the other site.

We want Awesome Waterbeds to inspire the confidence in our customers to purchase all of their waterbed needs without having to worry about whether they are going to be “ripped off” because it might be priced lower elsewhere.

If you have questions on what you have and what would work best for your personal situation don’t hesitate to email or call us at 1-888-288-4523 for advice.

Waterbed History, Facts, Myths and Hints

When waterbeds were first invented by Charles Hall in the late 1960’s, they were considered to be a toy; fun, cheap, hip, sexy and wow, you could even get a “great night'’ sleep on them, too. They were just a $50 bag of water, no heater, no safety liner, no foam or wood frame, placed on the floor wherever they would fit and filled with water. Fortunately, as they increased in popularity, the manufacturers became more main stream adding design elements that made them more comfortable and user friendly. Wooden frames were designed to prevent the vinyl from stretching and losing form. Pedestals became available with or without drawers underneath the frames to raise the bed to a convenient height for entry and exit. Adjustable temperature control systems to provide soothing warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer and a heavy duty vinyl safety liner to contain the water in the rare event of a leak were added.

The relative absence of “pressure points” on the resting body was noted and reported by sleep experts throughout the world. Many consumers liked the waterbed concept but some didn’t like the style of somewhat “clunky” wooden frames and headboards. Also the idea that full wave mattresses have a lot of movement when their bodies move might have some advantages in certain situations but not necessarily for sleep. This prompted inventors to design waterbed mattresses with motion reduction commonly called waveless baffle systems. It didn’t take long to realize that the baffle systems, as well as reducing wave, greatly increased the support while sleeping. Thus the first objection was solved. Then inventors designed softside waterbeds that have foam sides instead of needing wooden frames and conventional mattress ticking or covers solving the second objection. Because softside waterbeds are most commonly sized the same as conventional beds, all conventional furniture and sheets can be used as well. Softside waterbeds look identical to a regular mattress and boxspring.

The advent of motion reduced mattresses and softsides revolutionized the waterbed industry almost over night.

As time passed, original waterbed owners found a new problem as they aged; their waterbeds didn’t feel as comfortable as they used to. The change that was occurring is that aging bodies simply need more support to obtain a comfortable, rejuvenating great night’s sleep. More support means more layers of baffles, and perhaps, an extra layer or two in the center third of the mattress to provide more lumbar or lower back support. Unfortunately, more support, more baffle layers became analogous with the more common description of more waveless; the least important by-product of increased baffle layers. Confusion exists to this day on the measurement of wave reduction terminology-semi wave, waveless, super waveless, ultimate waveless, 50%, 70%, 90%, 100%, etc. Who holds the stopwatch and what does it matter! What is considered waveless by one person might be considered semi waveless to another. The easy way to eliminate this confusion is to forget about the non-scientific degrees of wave reduction, the non-important by-product, and compare the number of layers of baffles. More layers equals more support and comfort. When comparing the number of layers, please remember that one 2” layer equals two 1” layers! An important benefit to couples of increased layers of support is that the lighter person no longer "rises up on a mountain” when the heavier partner comes to bed. Also one person’s movement hardly affects the other person.

Millions of people of all ages sleep comfortably on waterbeds throughout the world. The unique advantages of temperature control, adjustable firmness and almost no pressure points cutting off circulation still make waterbeds one of the premium sleep surfaces available today.

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